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Fall 2011 Natural Resources Law Class at UB

Natural Resources, Endangered Species, and Administrative Law September 22, 2011

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In this article from the NY Times we have it all: natural resources, endangered species and administrative law.   The article is about a law suit over fresh water that flows from the Sacramento River into the eastern marshes of the San Francisco Bay.  The State and agricultural water interests sued the Interior Department over a regulation promulgated by the Department.  The regulation at issue was the “zone of ideal salinity” for the endangered delta smelt, which the Department of Interior stated is no farther than 46 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge.  Subsequently the Department of Interior called for more fresh water than the State and the agricultural interests desired to be let out into San Francisco Bay.  Therefore they sued to get it altered.

During the suit two scientists, one from the Bureau of Reclamation and  the other from Fish and Wildlife Services, testified that  fresh water is needed to flow into the San Francisco Bay to help the endangered delta smelt.  This part of the case is less legal and more sensational.  However the entire article is worth the read.  It shows the interplay between natural resources law, endangered species law and why administrative law is a requisite for anyone interested in environmental law.


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