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Fall 2011 Natural Resources Law Class at UB

New York’s Federal Lands September 30, 2011

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Early in the semester, Prof. Owley asked us about federal lands in New York, and, possibly due to the limited amount or notoriety of the lands in New York, we seemed, as a whole, pretty unaware of the locations.  So, I looked into it a bit and ended up finding a pretty cool website that has an interactive map of federal lands.  The site shows all land either owned or administered by the Federal Government and also includes layering options with information and data collected by, I assume, other government agencies, such as agricultural, biological, climatic, environmental, geological, and historical information.   The raw data is also available.

The URL is:

If you just want to see New York, check out:,CAT-boundary

A good site for state public lands (I find this useful for finding local hiking and fishing spots) is:


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