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Continuing to Bend October 7, 2011

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For all the furvor that exists for trying to improve the environment, there must be twice as much pushing in the opposite direction. With every attempt that is made to try to ease into gradual changes to prospectively alter the environment for the better, there is a resisting movement that ends up watering down and putting off the incremental change.

The EPA finalized the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule recently, but has just announced that it will be granting exeptions to compliace for several of the applicable states, as well as pushing back the date by which states have to be in compliance by 2 years.  While rules requiring heart attack and respiratory illness-causing chemicals that drift over state lines to be reduced probably do not seem very controversial to most people, apparently enough backlash was created to roll back this new rule within three months of its creation.

It seems unlikely that progress in the area of pollution control, or really any other environmental area, will be attainable when the only thing necessary to stop it in its tracks is the invocation of the word “jobs,” as is the case with this rule.



One Response to “Continuing to Bend”

  1. adamhayes1 Says:

    Indeed, this is a truly difficult time to push any environmentally focused initiatives if they do not promote job growth. While I understand the need for jobs, it is incredibly troubling that many of these necessary policies are pushed aside by other projects that are less environmentally friendly, simply because those projects will create jobs immediately. Right now in general, the world’s long term needs conflict with America’s short term goals.

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