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Local Concerns Regarding Wind Turbines December 1, 2011

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Hey everyone,

When we were discussing the pros and cons of wind turbines in class earlier today, an article that I had read a few years ago came to mind.

First, a bit of background information.  Within the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in the prevalence of wind turbines in the area.  This is especially true in the counties east of Erie.  At the time of the “2009 wind turbine boom,” a local news paper interviewed a work acquaintance of mine who lived near one of the newly constructed turbines.  The article was titled “Wind casts a shadow – and yes, it flickers.”  As you can probably imagine, the article (or I should say, my friend and his wife) took a relatively negative stance towards the wind turbines.  And after reading the article, this is understandably so.

The article generally details the effects of living near a wind turbine.  Basically, they’re loud, they cause a “flickering” effect on direct sunlight, and (apparently) kill a bunch of birds.  However for the majority of people, the wind turbines provide a clean source of renewable energy…..and they’re pretty cool to look at.

Given the vast benefits of a clean source of renewable energy, the negative impacts on a few seem reasonably justifiable.  But, I don’t live near a wind turbine, nor have I spent an evening at my friends house.  Then again, you can’t make an omelet without crackin’ a few eggs.

Here’s a link to the article.

(Just in case the link doesn’t work:


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